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The First Reading Day




The First Reading Day 2013-14
        “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island.
Walt Disney


To promote reading is one of our major concerns of the school policies.  We believe that reading enlightens our mind, broadens our horizon, expands our knowledge and opens up new avenues for us.  So, with the help of Grade 7 middle school students and the sincere support of their enthusiastic teaching staff from International Christian School (ICS), we have successfully held the First Reading Day on 18th December, 2013.



The Reading Day lasted for almost two hours.  After the performance of Christmas carols given by ICS students, our P.3 students were divided into two groups - one in the hall, another one in the activity room.  Then each ICS student was in charge to do a shared reading with one or two of our students.


The theme of the reading day is ‘Christmas’.  To cater for individual difference, two storybooks with different reading levels were provided according to our students’ reading abilities.  Our students’ reading interest was further stimulated by their production of the paper ornament—a mitten with the help of ICS big brothers and sisters.


If reading is the main course for our students, they enjoyed the dessert (Game time) very much.  Students' laughter mixed with excitement of the game.  Their enjoyment marked the success of our co-operation with a famous international middle school—ICS.  With sincere appreciation, we thank for the kind support of ICS teaching staff once more.


Let’s share our students’ happiness, enjoyment and pleasure during the First Reading Day:


What a BIG family!
img 7390
img 7396
img 7398
img 7413
Let's sing Christmas carol together!
img 7410img 7418
Let's enjoy shared reading!
 img 7428 img 7431
img 7433  img 7432
img 7434  img 7436
img 7449  img 7457
Let's decorate the hall with our mittens! 
img 7450  img 7466
img 7459  img 7463
 img 1358
Let's play the game!
img 7472img 7478 
img 7474  img 7478
img 7483  img 7486
img 7468 
Let's chat together!
img 7497 
img 7499img 7498
img 7510img 7502
Let's sing a Christmas song!
img 7535
img 7528img 7525
A nice present from ICS!
img 7536img 7537
img 0849
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